Welcome to the Wood County Assessor’s Office Website. I hope you find that the information provided to be helpful. My staff and I are working diligently to make the office more user friendly while emphasizing outstanding customer service. We are dedicated to providing you a fair and equal taxation for all citizens of Wood County, no exceptions!

The Assessor oversees the process of placing fair market value on all real property and personal property and maintains property records and maps. We strive to make sure that everyone qualified for Homestead and Farm exemptions , receives their discount on time.

Please know that Real Estate Taxes are NOT payable at the Assessor’s Office but collected and paid at the Wood County Sheriff’s office in the Judge Black Annex across from the Blennerhassett Hotel!

Assessor’s Office FAQ’s

  1. Can an LLC deeded property be taxed as Class 2 (residential)?
    WV State Code does not allow residential (Homes) Properties deeded in the name of an LLC, to be taxed as a Class 2 residential property.
    Therefore, ALL LLCs WILL BE TAXED AS CLASS 3 OR 4!
  2. Can a property owner allow a relative (son, daughter, sister, brother) to live in another home that they own and be given a class 2 tax status?
    No, only an owner occupied home (name on deed) can receive a class 2 tax status
  3. When is property assessed?
    Property is assessed July 1.
  4. When can I purchase dog tags? How much are the tags?
    Dog tags must be renewed July 1st – Sept 30th each year. West Virginia law requires the assessor to collect a license fee on all dogs 6 months of age or older. You may purchase a dog tag anytime throughout the year.

    Dog fees:
    City of Parkersburg and outside city limits $3.00
    Vienna & Williamstown $6.00

    Checks made payable and mail to:
    David Nohe, Assessor
    321 Market St
    Parkersburg, WV 26101

A Guide for Your Wood County Real and Personal Property

Dear Property Owner

I have prepared this document in order to better inform Wood County residents on the purpose and role of the Assessor’s Office. Our mission is clear and concise: to place a fair market value on real estate and personal property for both residences and businesses. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call my office at 304-424-1875.

Thank you.
David Nohe – Assessor

Please Note:

Your Assessor does not set your property tax. Your tax bill is determined by multiplying a tax rate against your assessed value (60% of market value). Remember, the Assessor determines your assessed value and the levy rate is determined by the legislature (for the Board of Education), the county commission and the municipalities. Levy rate sheets are prepared for your convenience and may be obtained in the Assessor’s Office or by clicking here to view and download the PDF.

A Guide for Your Wood County Business

Dear Business Owner:

I have prepared this document to assist you in completing your business personal property return. I applaud your efforts and contributions to our community as a business owner. It is important to me that our business community continues to thrive and create jobs for our citizens, and your business helps accomplish this vital goal. As your Assessor, I am directed by West Virginia State Law to have businesses file returns listing personal property and real property by the deadline September 1. State law also directs the Assessor to prepare estimated returns for those businesses that do not respond by the September 1 deadline. Therefore, previous filers who file late or do not file will have a 10% increase added to the prior tax year’s value. In addition, West Virginia State Code 11-3-10 directs the Assessor to impose a fine of $25-$100 for non-filers. Most importantly, you forfeit the right to challenge erroneous or over-estimated values. Please don’t let this happen to you! File in a timely manner and avoid unnecessary penalties and increases.

As your Assessor, my number one priority is to serve the citizens of Wood County as fairly and honestly as possible. My staff stands ready to assist you in a courteous and helpful manner. If you have any questions, please call my office at 424-1875.

David Nohe – Assessor

Business Taxes can be Estimated using the following formula:




  1. Do businesses need to fill out forms if they are no longer in business?
    Yes. It is extremely important to return the business assessment form marked “OOB” or “Out of Business”.

    If the form is not returned, the previous year’s assessment is carried over and appreciated 10% plus a penalty.

    It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to inform the Assessor’s Office when they go out of business.
  2. When a company has machinery or vehicles that are still in use, but have been fully depreciated or written off, must the company report the machinery or vehicles?
    Yes. The equipment must be reported on Schedule A, vehicles on Schedule E .Any property that is fully depreciated and is no longer in use should be reported on Schedule G.
  3. Do I include apportioned vehicles on Schedule E?
    No. Apportioned vehicles are taxed at the State level.

Read more in the guide.

Assessors Biography

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker 25 years +
  • Licensed General Contractor 25 years+
  • Former Deputy with The Wood County Sheriff’s Department
  • Elected as City of Vienna Recorder
  • Elected as City of Vienna Mayor 1997-2012
  • Elected as Mayor and State Senator 2010-2012
  • Elected as State Senator 2010-2016
  • Chairman WV State Senate Banking and Insurance Committee 2010-2016 Vice Chairman WV State Senate Judiciary Committee 2010-2016 Appointed by the Governor to The West Virginia Parole Board
  • Elected as Wood County Assessor 2017-Current

David Nohe


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Wood County Assessors Office
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