U.S. Census Information:

U.S. Census Bureau employees are currently conducting address canvassing in certain parts of Wood County to assist with the Bureau's verification of its database.  Many addresses through this region have already been verified through multiple sources including E-911, county and state Geographic Information System information.  However, there are approximately 500,000 in West Virginia that require an in-person observation to determine if a structure must be added, deleted, or updated.
   The individuals out in the field for this phase of the Census will be identified with a picture ID issued from the Census Bureau, they should be wearing the ID from a lanyard around their neck.  They will have a laptop computer with a 2020 Census sticker on the cover and possibly may have a black shoulder bag with the U.S. Census Bureau logo on it. 
  When the Census Bureau employees approach a residence, they should identify themselves as a Census employee and present the person with a "Confidentiality Notice."  If the Census worker makes contact at the residence, they are required to ask several questions regarding the structure, specifically to determine if it is single family home or a multi-family unit. If the Census employee does not make contact with anyone, they will simply conduct an observation.  If they do not make contact with anyone at the residence, they will not leave an informational door hangar or anything behind. 
  This operation is expected to continue until October 11, 2019. 
  Below is a link to the 2020 Census website that may give you a better idea of the timeline for various operations regarding the 2020 Census.